Altimaster Altimeters

Established in 1957/1999

Some companies are run by financial officers – their goal is to maximize earnings.

Some companies are run by marketing gurus – you see their logo everywhere.

Alti-2 Technologies is a company run by engineers who strongly believe that only the best proven technology in skydiving instrumentation can meet the highest safety standard for our customers.

We manufacture our products in DeLand Florida USA, with another production and service facility near London UK. 

Beginning 2022 we will open a sales and support center for continental Europe in Germany.

Our Alti-2 Team

Jens Gronemeyer

President and CEO

Jens Gronemeyer (Grony) is an active skydiver, experienced jump pilot and drop zone operator, and German computer engineer. He started skydiving in Hoexter, Germany in 1997 and has made over 7000 jumps

Jens Grony is currently active in 4-way, 8-way, and 16-way national competition and big-way records worldwide. He maintains current USPA and German Tandem/AFF ratings. He formerly owned and operated two drop zones in Germany. 

Most memorable jump: Oshkosh Airshow World Record 150-way with three points attempt with 150,000 spectators on the ground.


Jens Grony started computer programming at the age of 9 with BASIC and Assembler on a Commodore 3032 (32 KB main memory!) and soon won a STEM-type prize with his software program to calculate fees for the German version of OSHA (Berufsgenossenschaft). During high school in Hoexter, Germany, he started his first computer business which remains a successful computer security and data center services business 35 years later (www.owis.de), with Grony continuing to serve as President

After high school, he spent 12 months of National Service with the German Air Force serving in a hardened underground control and reporting center (NATO code name “Backwash”). Grony continued his education in electrical engineering at the renowned Technical University of Braunschweig Germany. He subsequently built up a second software development company for time-and-attendance with branches in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Besides skydiving and flying, Jens is an avid scuba diver and world traveler with 97 countries in his passport. He speaks German, English, and some Spanish and French and lives since April 2021 in DeLand, Florida.