Product Repairs


We apologize if you are having problems with one of our products. We improved our repair process in 2022 and are doing everything we can to ship your repaired product back within a week. 

The following information only pertains to repairs done through our Main Repair Facility in DeLand, Florida. If you would like your repair done by the European Repair Facility or the West Coast Repair Facility, contact them directly. Their contact info is located in Step 1 of the instructions below. 

If using the Main Repair Facility in DeLand, Florida: 

Please carefully reviewing the Repair Price List and Repair Instructions on this page, click the “Request Repair” button, complete the form, and check out. Remember to print a copy of your repair request to include with the unit when you ship it in. 

Please note, to satisfy our standards on repairs, we must be able to return a unit to like-new condition and verify its function. On the rare occasion we cannot, we will deem a unit unsafe to jump, communicate with the customer what is preventing a full repair, and return it to the customer marked “Do Not Jump.” 

Support of Electronic Product Models

With the rapid development of computer operating systems, and the obsolescence of electronic components used in manufacturing, it is not feasible to support electronic products indefinitely. Therefore, Alti-2 reserves the right to discontinue support of our electronic products five years after their date of manufacture.

N3 NOTE:  Since December 2021, we no longer support the N3. Covid put our vendor for these parts out of business, and material levels have reached the point we are no longer able to support N3 repairs. 

  • Devices Under Warranty $0

    Any device under warranty will be repaired/replaced for free. The new Mercury units are currently covered under this category.

  • Atlas (Orignial or II) - Evaluation and Basic Repair $75

    This covers the evaluation and basic repairs. Also included is a new battery, serial number laser engraving, cleaning, calibration, and chamber testing. It is non-refundable.

  • Atlas (Original or II) - New Display or New Board $81

    If an evaluation determines that the unit needs a new display or board, this cost covers those additional parts and work. It is in addition to the evaluation and basic repair. *Note for Original Atlas with reset button, We can no longer support replacing the board in these units.

  • Galaxy/Altimaster II - Evaluation and Basic Repair $60

    This covers the initial evaluation, basic repairs, cleaning, calibration, and chamber testing. It is non-refundable. *Note If the mech is defective, we cannot repair the unit. We can no longer get the mechs because our legacy supplier shut down during COVID. Newer Galaxies have different mechs.

**All of the evaluation prices are non-refundable. This price list does not include shipping and/or bank fees. 

Repair Process Instructions

Follow these easy steps to have your device repaired:

1. Select a Service Center

Use the list on this page to determine the repair facility closest to your residence area that can address your needs.

If using the West Coast or European Repair Facility; stop here and contact them directly.

If using the Main Repair Facility in DeLand, Florida; continue on to the next step. 

Main Repair Facility

Alti-2 Technologies Incorporated
1200 Flightline Blvd. Suite 5-10
Deland, FL 32724

Do not forget the “Suite 5-10” part of our address – it is essential for delivery.

West Coast Repair Facility


RFS Robert F. Smith
3408 Cheyenne Dr.
Grants Pass, OR 97527-8764

Cell: (951) 323-1372

European Repair Facility

Alti-2 Technologies UK Limited
Carriage House
Hackmans Lane, Purleigh
Chelmsford, Essex
Great Britain CM36RL

Phone: +07837210378

2. Submit a Request for Repair

You MUST include a repair request with your repair if using the Main Facility in DeLand, Florida.

Click the “Request Repair” button below to access form. Fill out the form, complete check out, and print a copy to include with your package. Detailed packaging and shipping instructions are provided on the form.

Click the ‘Request Repair’ button below to access form.