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Trusting your altimeter is implied, but that trust should be justified. Alti-2 is testing every single altimeter in a dynamic pressure chamber before it goes to our customers. 

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Video speed is 8x fast forward. 

Alti-2 Battery Life Test

Battery life is a complicated subject, but in general LI-IO rechargeable batteries have a useful life of approximately 500 charge cycles. That applies to your phone, tablet or whatever product you are using. If you charge our products every day then you can expect a useful life of 1.5 years.

Charging our altimeters every day is completely unnecessary, to give you an idea how often you need to charge our products we made this video. Once every 4-6 weeks is more than sufficient, even if you jump all day every day, and this will extend the useful battery life to 10+ years. BTW: For 50 Dollar we exchange the battery, waterproof seal it and retest your Atlas

If you are using the ATLAS as an audible you will get a warning tone at 1000 feet AGL (Above Ground Level) if the battery is low, however, you still have battery life for 10-15 jumps. A full charge of the Atlas battery takes only one hour.

Short overview of the Atlas in 150 seconds english version

Der Atlas Höhenmesser und Audible in 150 Sekunden in Deutsch