As we continue to build upon Mercury’s platform, here are some things to keep on your radar:


Since the Mercury audible family of products is using new technology, it was clear from the beginning that the owners of Mercuries should participate in new software developments. To those who helped test the beta version of the app and are already a part of this process;  we say, “Thank you!”. To those of you joining us now, “Welcome!”

So far your feedback had led us to implemented a fourth canopy alarm for the Mercury Crimson, and two adjustable climb alarms for the Crimson and Jade. We’ve also made advancements to the algorithm and still have more to come.

Sound Tip:

Speaker Opening Orientation_500x500

Since the Mercury is so convenient and small, you can adjust the volume by turning the speaker opening (not the white one) in best position for your ear. Face the speaker opening towards you ear with the display and buttons towards your helmet.

Download the App

Manage and update your device alarms, settings, and firmware even faster. Use the app to make changes quickly and efficiently on a big comfortable screen without even taking your altimeter out of your helmet. 

Click the Apple icon or search “Alti-2 Mercury” in the iOS app store to download.

Android version coming late Summer 2023. We are currently developing additional new programming for the Mercury hardware that will affect how it interfaces with the app. Therefore the Android app will be postponed until late Summer 2023. 

Know your Software/Firmware Version

It’s important to know your Mercury’s software version. Version 1023 is required to use all the app’s features.

To check your current software version: From the main menu, select the “System Admin” option, and then “System Status”. The software version is the four numbers located in the lower left corner.

Version 1018 and above: Updates can be made by the user using the iOS Alti-2 Mercury app. 

Version 1017 and below: You need to send the unit in for an complementary update. Please fill out an RMA form here. Alti-2 Headquarters in Deland, Alti-2 UK or Alti-2 Europe can take care of you. The turnaround time usually is 1-2 days. Their addresses are below. After receiving your Mercury, we will update it and ship it back to your free of charge. Moving forward, you’ll be able to update your Mercury on your own using the iOS app.  We apologize about this inconvenience. 

Firmware updates will always be free. The app’s premium features like encrypted BlueTooth settings changes and future extend functions are free for the first year for every Mercury owner. After the first year, premium features access is $20 USD per year.


The app uses the language your phone is set to. We currently have English and German. Spanish, French and Portuguese are on the way. More to come. 

Helmet Adaptors

Mercury fits perfect with G3, G35, G4 and ZX!

We have adaptors for Kiss helmets and Cookie’s Fuel helmets.

Tonfly adaptors coming soon.

App Issue? Follow these steps:

   On your Mercury:

  • Go to System Admin-> Delete BLE bonds.
  • Click “Ok”.

   On your phone:

  • Ensure the app is updated to the latest version.
  • Go to Setting->Bluetooth.
  • For each offending device under the “My Devices” list.
  • Tap the ‘i’ icon.
  • Tap “Forget this device”.
  • Restart phone.
  • Go back the app and reconnect to your device. You will be prompted to enter a pairing passkey again

Update: March 21, 2023

APP SS Pairing Failed