Looks to the Future!

Altimaster Altimeters have been leading the sport since the 1960s when Steve Snyder first created an altimeter specifically for skydiving. The Altimaster II became the face of skydiving throughout the world.
In addition to Altimaster Altimeters, Steve also designed and manufactured the Sentinel AAD.

Roger Allen joined the Altimaster team in 1990. In 1999, Steve passed the torch to Kathy and Roger Allen and Alti-2 was formed. In the last 22 years, Alti-2 transformed visual altimeters from mechanical instruments to electronic freefall computers, including the first waterproof altimeter, first menu driven altimeter, and first digital altimeter.

We are pleased to announce that we are now entering the next era of Altimaster Altimeters. Jens Gronemeyer is now the majority owner and president of Alti-2, and he will be responsible for a dramatic expansion in the world market, while Roger focuses on developing the next generation of Altimaster Altimeters for both sport and tactical applications.

Jens Gronemeyer (Grony) is an active skydiver with 7000+ jumps, experienced jump pilot, former drop zone operator, and German computer engineer.

In addition our company name will change to Alti-2 Technologies to get the wide range of our knowledge better covered.