Case Construction Rugged Aircraft Aluminum Micro Carbon Fiber-Filled
Drop Tested 1000+G from 3 feet Yes
Waterproof 6 Feet (1.8 m) for 1 Hour Water-Resistant
Logbook 200 Jumps Last Jump
Freefall Alarms 3 Freefall Alarms
Canopy Alarms 3 Canopy Alarms
Student Training Mode Yes Yes
DZ Offset Yes Yes
Easy-to-Use Menu System Yes Yes
USB-C Charger/Battery Life Yes; 6-10 Weeks Yes; 6-10 Weeks
Clicky Buttons Yes Yes
LCD Flip for Right or Left-Handed Usage Yes Yes
Feet/Meters Yes Yes
Temperature °F/°C Yes Yes
Backlight for Night Jumps Yes Yes
Operational Temperature -4 °F to 140+ °F

-20 °C to 60+ °C

-4 °F to 140+ °F

-20 °C to 60+ °C

Adjustable Hand Mount Included Included
Eco-Friendly Yes Yes
Individual Post-Production

Pressure Chamber Test

Yes Yes
MSRP US $429/439 US $359


Mercury Crimson Jade
Easy-to-use Menu System Yes Yes
Freefall Alarms 4 3
Canopy Alarms

Adjustable Climb Alarms




Rechargeable Battery

(2+ weeks)

Yes Yes
DZ/AC Offset Setting Yes Yes
Update via App Yes Yes
Adjustable Alarm Volume Next Update Next Update
Optional App 2022 2022
Optional Logbook 2022 2022
GEMINI technology-enabled Yes Yes
Adapter for Kiss Helmet Optional Optional
MSRP US $299 US $239