Paralog / NMU

Information about ATLAS and Paralog (needs to be bought separately)

We are currently investigating problems with Windows 11 and Paralog which is most likely a problem on the manufacturers USB driver which is out of our hands. Please understand unless we finished investigating this you should not use Windows 11 and Paralog. We expect more answers beginning January 2022. Sorry for the inconvenience but as said: Out of our hands. 

You can download Paralog files here Paralog 8.7.7

Information about Paralog and MAC OS/X Download here.

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Paralog (without /NMU) is a third party product produced by Klaus Rheinwald –

The NMU (Originally meaning Neptune Maintenance Utility) was a separate program produced by Alti-2 and

which is now incorporated into Paralog. The NMU allows quick and easy access to altimeter settings. For support about Paralog please visit


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