Neptune Tactical MA-12

For the development of the tactical Neptune MA-12 Altimeter the US special forces had a clear vison for tactical jumping: Small housing on the wrist with large numbers, no logistics for batteries/filters/maintenance and an easy to use product so the operator can focus on their main job. Due to the nature of tactical jumping the Altimeter needs to be settable in a pressurized aircraft.

The result was an Altimeter which is widely used by tactical units worldwide. Drop tested from 6 feet (1.2 m) with 1000+G, waterproof up to 6 feet for one hour, built from machined aircraft aluminum.

All tactical Neptune MA-12 are designed, engineered and produced in DeLand, Florida, USA.




  • Unobtrusive footprint – significantly smaller than the majority of military altimeters
  • Universal mounting through four screws in the bottom housing
  • Robust machined aluminum case
  • Menu driven. Safe time! No need to read manuals again and again.
  • Protected raised buttons with sensory enhancements for tactile dexterity wearing thick gloves
  • USB rechargeable (lasts 2-6 weeks and if charged correctly works 10-15 years/500 charging cycles)
  • Waterproof up to 6 feet for one hour
  • Highly accurate electronic pressure sensor with a 40,000 FT range
  • Backlit digital LCD display with large numbers
  • *Simple* Zero Mode, Standard Offset Mode, two Absolute Offset Modes (programmable in-flight) with QNH and QFE
  • mBar and inHG setup
  • Canopy alarms
  • Last jump logging
  • Standard velcro wrist mount bracket with space for chemical warmer for cold weather operations
  • ECO – friendly and safe 100 Dollar on batteries over 10 years
  • No batteries/filters/maintenance needed !
  • Works in pressurized aircraft. 
  • Auto Zero In normal use the MA-12 will auto zero in the same manner as the Atlas. When DZ altitude (MSL) is set, auto zero is disabled.

This gives users the best of both worlds, autozero simplicity for training jumps and the ability to set absolute pressure and altitude of a remote DZ.

NSN:  6660016624428


Length = 2.36 in (5.99 cm)
Width =1.69 in (4.29 cm)
Height =.57 in (1.45 cm)


1.5 oz (42.52g) (without mount)

Battery Type

Rechargeable Lithium Ion

Operating Altitude Range

Up to 40,000 FT MSL (12,192 M)

Operating Temperature Range

-40C* to +80C *With chemical hand warmer inserted


Up to 6 FT for 1 hour

Impact resistance

Withstands a 1M drop onto concrete