Altimaster Test Chambers

  • Tests up to 10 military altimeters simultaneously.
  • FAA certified reference altimeter. Analog/digital reference altimeter available.
  • Portable instrument – open the lid, plug and use.
  • 110V/220V electric pump.


  • Vacuum only
  • Test from test location to 30,000′ MSL
  • 110V (240V available)
  • Mechanical control values
  • NSN 6625-01-544-0273 (Specify 110v or 220v)


  • Vacuum and positive pressure
  • This test chamber allows testing of altimeters at an ambient altitude significantly above zero MSL.
  • Test from -1000′ to 30,000′ MSL regardless of test location
  • 110V (240V available)
  • Electrical control valves